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Drone delivering pizza boxes

Robot-Powered Pizza, Anyone? How Automation Is Transforming The Fast-Food Industry

Pizza companies are some of the most advanced innovators when it comes to figuring out how to automate their businesses.
mechanical engineering apprentice

New program seeks to train workers for industrial automation

The mechatronics program is aimed at preparing students for one of the world’s largest high-tech manufacturing fields.
Caution Mechanical hand.

The problem with automation

A new series of papers show how automation in our age has been largely about killing jobs, and not about creating new tasks that...
African American auto factory worker

Automation perpetuates the red-blue divide

What do Brookings’s new automation and artificial intelligence (AI) data and analyses say about the nation’s tense political geography?
Adult computer class

More automation is inevitable, but we still need workforce equipped for the future

The challenge of developing the workforce of the future should be viewed as an opportunity, and business leaders should take the initiative to develop...
Robot server delivers order to table.

Women, Young People’s Jobs Face Greatest Automation Risk in U.K.

Around 1.5 million jobs in England in 2017 were at “high risk” of having some aspects of their tasks automated in the future, the...
Engineers use laptop computers for machine maintenance, automation tools, robot arm at the factory.

Demography Is Destiny When It Comes to Automation

Countries that experience more rapid aging are also the ones at the forefront of adopting industrial robots.
Screenshot of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver’s career advice to kids growing up in age of automation

Want to be a policeman when you grow up? A firefighter? A drummer? A basketball player? Well, sorry kids, your dream job now may...
Successful workers have lifelong employability.

Surviving automation: The 7 attributes of lifelong employability

You’re young, new to the workforce, looking forward to a successful career and most importantly, you are teachable, trainable and coachable. If so, this blog’s...