America is still a leader in aerospace manufacturing

The U.S. remains a leader in aerospace manufacturing, where good paying jobs can still be found.
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The numbers for American manufacturing might look grim, but the U.S. can count one sector as a strength, aerospace manufacturing.

The industry is still a leader in providing high-wage jobs and economic prosperity. The aerospace industry generated $150 billion in exports in 2016 and had its largest trade surplus at $90 billion, according to the Aerospace Industries Association.

This surplus beat the next five largest exporters combined.

The aerospace industry directly employs around 500,000 people and an additional 1.6 million people work in affiliated companies supporting the industry. And it’s a lucrative career path too, with the average worker making $93,000 a year in wages and benefits.

Almost one-third of the workforce are equipment mechanics and technicians with median salaries of $63,000 a year. But a more highly-skilled aerospace engineering career can net an average of $110,000.

The industry is pioneering new technologies in advanced manufacturing, like 3-D modeling, printing and robotics. This is leading to better fuel efficiencies for aircraft and driving down costs. Altogether this industry is flying high and will continue to thrive in the U.S.

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