ASU+GSV: Andrew Crapuchettes on the need for big business to step up

WorkingNation interviews leaders in public, private, and nonprofit spheres attending the ASU+GSV Virtual Summit as part of our #WorkingNationOverheard campaign

Emsi is an economics firm that collects and analyzes large amounts of labor market data and uses it to help people make smart work and life decisions. The firm recently partnered with the Markle Foundation to build a resume optimizer—free and available for anybody who wants to use it.

WorkingNation interviewed Emsi’s CEO, Andrew Crapuchettes, for #WorkingNationOverheard as a media partner with ASU+GSV’s Virtual Summit 2020, held from September 29 through October 1+October 8. You can watch all of the interviews on our YouTube channel.

Crapuchettes says the resume optimizer will help job seekers and students understand what skills are in demand and how to connect the skills they already possess.

“Imagine a world where you put in your resume and it says these three skills that you’re putting on your resume employers simply aren’t asking for today, and so you’re just filling space,” he says. “But if you have these skills, here’s a skill that’s adjacent to those skills generally based on the jobs you’ve done. And if you have that skill, it is hot in the labor market right now.”

But in order to have an inclusive recovery, big business needs to step up.

“There’s still a lot of people who are stuck with the old way of doing things,” Crapuchettes says. “Until that changes, I don’t know that we’re going to really see this recovery accelerate. The virus is real and is going to continue to be part of our lives at least for a while. And we need to get to the point where we’re giving opportunities to people, giving jobs to people, talking about the skills that they have, helping them learn new things, and not being stuck in our own little world. I also think, big businesses, people, they need to be spending to help engage the economy. They need to be taking a risk and hiring someone who maybe doesn’t have all the skills, but they know that’s an investment in the future.”

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