ASU+GSV Summit 2021: Daniel Ferguson on the green industrial revolution

Tech and education leaders are sharing innovative ideas about what's to come

Supporting innovation in the green economy is a key to fighting climate change, as well as providing a pathway to a good-paying job for everyone, particularly in historically overlooked populations, according to Daniel Ferguson, director of workforce development for Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI).

Ferguson points to LACI’s Advanced Prototyping Center fellowship program. Working with local community colleges over the last two years, the initiative has upskilled local residents for a variety of jobs, including product design, EV charging infrastructure maintenance, and software development and IT support as it relates to electric mobility. As part of the training, LACI also offers internships.

“Green jobs are really the present future,” says Ferguson. “This is the new industrial revolution where people can actually work in healthier environments, be able to provide for their families, do incredible and exciting work, be better stewards over the environment.”

He adds, “We believe green jobs can provide better pay, can provide more equity, and can provide an environmental impact as well.”

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