Don’t be fooled by the current state of unemployment in America. Like on Game of Thrones, “winter is coming” for the jobs market. via GIPHY Statistics from the U.S Department of Labor do not predict a rosy future as robotics and artificial intelligence could replace a significant portion of the overall workforce for the following industries by 2024:
  • Agriculture is projected to lose 65,000 jobs.
  • Utility companies will lose 40,800 jobs.
  • Government jobs will decline sharply with a projected 214,000 job losses.
But there are things you can do today to prepare for the future of work. You don’t have to radically rethink your entire life yet. Work on these soft skills and you’ll adjust more smoothly in case of employment shock.
  • Networking – You won’t land that next job without a great support staff helping you achieve your dreams. Make friends in your desired industry and live the career you want in your future. They’ll notice your ambition and recommend you to their friends.
  • Communication – Being able to articulately express your ideas and present them through verbal or written communication goes a long way to getting you what you want in a career. Take a creative writing class and buff up your word-wrangling skills.
  • Creativity – Automation will never replace the thinkers, doers and artists of the world. There are more ways than ever for you to market your skills and get more people to notice you. Turn your passions from hobbies into work and freelance your way to financial freedom.
Let’s say you want to change horses midstream and get out from a dying industry. Instead of worrying about a bleak future enveloping you, look to these jobs as a pathway to a better one.
  • Health care is booming and the latest employment numbers back it up. The sector added more jobs in June than there are total jobs in the coal industry.
  • Data analysis requires technical know-how, but can be a lucrative career choice.
  • Clean energy will take over when the aging utility industry falters. Employment of wind turbine service technicians will jump by 108% by 2024.
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