Back to Work: Jobs for teens, post office gigs are among our finds

Take a look at some workforce opportunities in these five states

There was a gain of 467,000 U.S. jobs last month despite the Omicron surge. The new figure from the Labor Department is higher than the forecast of 150,000.

In addition, the jobless rate rose from 3.9% in December to 4% in January – with the tally of unemployed people coming in at 6.5 million.

Available jobs numbered 10.9 million in December, according to the latest job openings and labor turnover report (JOLTS). In addition, the number of workers quitting their jobs decreased to 4.3 million in December – following the 4.5 million counted in November.

WorkingNation is always on the hunt for workforce opportunities. See what we found this week.

From Alabama: WBRC reports West Alabama Works is setting up a portal on its website to help teens find employment or job training.

From Illinois: Our Quad Cities reports highway construction apprenticeships are being offered by Black Hawk College in Moline.

From Pennsylvania: My ChesCo reports the U.S. Postal Service is hosting a number of job fairs in a number of cities around the state.

From Puerto Rico: Global Press Journal reports women in Puerto Rico are fighting to crack entry into the male-dominated solar industry via training programs like the one at Puerto Rico National Model Forest.

From Utah: The Daily Utah Chronicle reports the University of Utah is developing a fund to help students with unpaid internships keep up with their living expenses.

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