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Back to Work: Steel production, crisis intervention, and skilled trades

Our search this week found workforce opportunities in Arkansas, Hawaii, Maine, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

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From Arkansas: Area Development reports Highbar, a company focused on sustainable scrap metal recycling and steel production, is establishing a rebar steel mini mill outside of Osceola – leading to 200 new jobs.

From Hawaii: Hawaii News Now reports the Honolulu Police Department is expanding its mental illness crisis intervention team through a five-day course that’s available to officers with at least two years of patrol experience.

From Maine: Sun Journal reports real-world training through Central Maine Community College is providing a pathway to in-demand careers – including skilled trades.

From Virginia: CBS 19 reports new resources have been added to the Virginia Ready career site including  job search tools, career development resources, and outlined career pathways in various fields.

From Washington, D.C.: Cities Today reports the Mobility Innovation District will experiment with equitable transportation services such as on-demand shuttles and electrification hubs as part of an effort to boost economic development and job creation.

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