Opportunity Near You: Wisconsin veterans in the medical field and expanded CDL programming in Wyoming

Some training offerings from around the country

WorkingNation is scouting for job pathways as always. Take a look at what we found in these five states.  

From Missouri: KSMU reports a Missouri State University program gives graduate students practical experience working for employers in the Ozarks.

From Ohio: The U.S. Department of Labor announces an incremental award of more than $2.8 million to support continued efforts to provide employment and training services for Ohio communities affected by widespread opioid use.

From Puerto Rico: News is My Business reports about 300 nonprofit organizations in Puerto Rico are able to receive training on how to federal funds for environmental and energy justice projects.

From Wisconsin: CBS 58 Milwaukee reports a nonprofit is helping veterans find jobs in the medical field upon their separation from the military.

From Wyoming: Cap City News reports Laramie County Community College is expanding its CDL program to its Laramie – in addition to the Cheyenne campus.

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