Beth Cobert on changes in the underlying systems

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Beth Cobert is CEO at Skillful (A Markle Initiative) which “focuses on empowering Americans to succeed in the digital economy by elevating labor market skill sets.”

Skillful works with “employers, educators, policymakers and others to help the nearly 70 percent of Americans without college degrees get good jobs based on the skills they have or the skills they can learn – creating new opportunities for success.”

Cobert says, “To have an equitable economic recovery, we’ve got to do a number of things. We need to be smart in thinking about what are the jobs that are returning and understand for the individuals who’ve been most displaced—what’s the shortest path for them to get from where they are to connect to those jobs.”

In order to make progress, Cobert says, it’s crucial to address changes that need to be made to underlying systems.

WorkingNation interviewed Cobert for #WorkingNationOverheard as a media partner with the JFF Horizons 2020 conference. You can watch all the interviews on our YouTube channel.

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