College for Social Innovation Gives the Next Generation Tools to Change the World

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The Problem: Students are twice as likely to succeed in the workplace if they have a meaningful internship while in college. However, by senior year only half of college students get an internship or field experience and only half of college graduates get a career-track job by their mid-20s.

The Solution: College for Social Innovation is partnering with colleges and universities to create fully credited hands-on learning experiences for students in social sector organizations that are meaningful, accessible, and life-changing. Through these fellowships, College for Social Innovation aims to address critical issues facing U.S. colleges and universities while building a stronger talent pipeline for the social/non-profit sector, the fastest growing part of the U.S. economy.

We are very proud of the work and goal of College for Social Innovation to develop a new generation of change-makers that can make the world a better place. For more on the College of Social Innovation, watch the video above and visit

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