“The war for talent has never been fiercer, and in an effort to attract and retain the best and brightest, organizations have to shift from creating places where they assume people need to be to creating organizations where people truly want to be.” ~ Jacob Morgan, The Employee Experience Advantage

As robots or automation take over jobs that humans designed them for, organizations have a new challenge — figuring out how to redesign themselves to focus more on people.

There are millions of jobs that are available but employers are having a hard time filling them. One of the main reasons for this is a growing skills gap due to a rapidly changing workforce. But, as futurist Jacob Morgan explains in his new book, The Employee Experience Advantage: How to Win the War for Talent by Giving Employees the Workspaces They Want, the Tools They Need, and a Culture They Can Celebrate, companies that are investing in cultivating a great employee experience aren’t feeling the skills gap as much as those who aren’t.

Morgan’s book offers business leaders a look into what really motivates workers, how to attract great people and keep them, and what the top companies to work for are doing to attract and retain talent.

Through his extensive research into hundreds of organizations, Morgan found that every organization, regardless of size, industry, or location, was investing in and focusing on three areas, or as he calls them, environments: technological environment, physical environment and cultural environment. Throughout the book, Morgan details the 17 attributes that make up these environments and how they can be implemented to design a positive employee experience.

“Your responsibility isn’t just providing a job for their employees. It’s also looking after them and taking care of them,” Morgan explains.

It’s this idea that organizations must remember when they are designing their employee experiences. People can get the same job anywhere, but it’s the environment you create and cultivate that is either going to attract loyal, talented employees, or drive them away to a competitor.

The Employee Experience gives organizations and its leaders the tools on how to get great people and keep them. Any organization can streamline their company with robots and automation, but it’s the ones that invest in the employee experience that will set themselves apart.

“The one thing that organizations cannot copy is your people. People are your greatest competitive advantage.”

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