Workforce Matters and WorkingNation invite you to join us on May 26 at 1:00 pm ET | 10:00 am PT for a Twitter Chat around Advancing Equity in the Workforce Ecosystem.

In January, Workforce Matters published A Racial Equity Framework for Workforce Development Funders, intended to identify concrete ways for funders in the workforce development field to interrupt the often unintentional, yet systemic, racial bias embedded within: 

  • the field’s practices, policies, and programs
  • the institution of philanthropy
  • our own organizations
  • and the labor market in communities we serve.

The framework is intended as a tool for self-reflection on our priorities and practices as we drive toward equity in our actions and our investments.

It was just the first step in the very necessary conversation around racial equity within the workforce development community, one needed to ensure that the post-COVID economic and jobs recovery doesn’t leave anyone behind.

Be a part of the conversation. Be a part of the solution.

As a next step, Workforce Matters would like to broaden the conversation and hear from all stakeholders in the workforce development community—grantees, field partners, service providers, worker centers, organized labor, policymakers, employers, and other funders. 

  • What is your definition of workforce equity?
  • What are grantmakers doing well to advance workforce equity and what are they not doing well? What could they do more of? 
  • What barriers do workforce development organizations face in advancing workforce equity?
  • How can grantmakers make sure smaller organizations that are centered in and most proximate to communities of color get the resources they need?
  • Can you share examples of what you are doing to successfully advance workforce equity?

Workforce Matters is a national network of grantmakers that draws on expert and practitioner knowledge and works together to strengthen workforce development philanthropy.

WorkingNation is a nonprofit media organization amplifying solutions to the jobs skills gap that continues to threaten to disrupt our workforce. We use videos, articles, podcasts, and live events to raise this critical issue to the level of a national discussion.  

Join our Twitter Chat1:00 pm ET on Wednesday, May 26, using the hashtag #FundWorkforceEquity — to share your observations, suggestions, and stories around Advancing Equity in the Workforce Ecosystem.

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