Google’s AI will supercharge your job search

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Navigating the tough task of finding the right job is now just one Google search away.

Alphabet (Google) introduced its new homepage service which aims to bring job hunters closer to the employers who are in need of skilled labor. Instead of users combing through the plethora of third-party job boards, Google is using artificial intelligence to provide aggregated search results from these sites and display them following a simple query like “jobs near me.”

If you are a little more pressed for time, entering or using voice-activated search “need a job now” also works too.

The search can be filtered to narrow down career paths, full-time or part-time work and jobs in neighboring cities where factoring in commute times could be a deal breaker.

Job searching over a mobile device is also easy and cleanly presented. People who are connected with a Google account can also be alerted of new job postings through email.

The tech giant, which introduced its Google for Jobs initiative in May, said it is working with job matching clients like LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Facebook as a “deep collaborative” effort. While Google is still just a portal for users to click through to investigate and apply for the job postings, it is not a substitute, yet.

The convenience of the free service also extends to employers who wish to have their postings show up on the search results. Google released documentation which explains how companies can optimize their hiring operations over multiple services.

This is a big deal, according to TechCrunch and The Penny Hoarder, because Google’s AI’s ability to learn and discern multiple job postings will deliver users the best and most complete results. It is another path to clear up the clutter and to encourage companies to step up their game when it comes to making concise job listings.

WorkingNation took a test drive of the service and found that a broad search “jobs near me” has an intriguing package handling position open at the brand new FedEx distribution warehouse in St. Petersburg, Florida, barely a 15-minute commute for this writer. (It’s so new, satellite imagery of the warehouse hasn’t shown up on Google Maps.)

Clicking on the post brings us the job description as it appears on CareerBuilder. It is also accompanied with employer ratings from Glassdoor and Indeed so job seekers can get a better feel for what they are pursuing.

If the job isn’t exactly right, but is perfect for a friend, Google has added a social sharing widget to weave the web tighter and make job searching a crowdsourced experience.

A couple of downsides to the service were noted by Time, namely a lack of more descriptive filters and the inability for Google to match your education and job experience with postings tailored to those needs. Google has pledged to put its weight behind the initiative and has tasked its AI to learn how to do its job better so updates are around the corner.

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