Jane Oates on workplace adaptation

Attendees discuss business disability inclusion at the 2022 Disability:IN Conference

Work opportunities and accommodations should not be an afterthought, according to Jane Oates, president, WorkingNation.

We sat down with Oates at 2022 Disability:IN Conference in Dallas to ask about her impressions.

As a first-time attendee of the Disability:IN conference, she was struck by the energy of the gathering. She notes the job seekers who are passionate about sharing their professional journeys.

She adds, “On the other end, there are employers who are genuinely interested in figuring out how to access this talent, how to make sure they know what these employees are capable of so they can move them up, and how to attract more.”

Oates acknowledges that, as with any movement, there is learning that takes place around the use of language.

“People struggle with words. ‘Are you disabled? Are you a person with a disability?’ The language in the disabilities community has really accelerated – made it much more comfortable for people to talk about it.”

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