Jeff Nally on executive coaching skills

Industry leaders discuss initiatives and ideas at SHRM 2022 Annual Conference & Expo – Cause the Effect

Jeff Nally, chief human resources officer at CoachSource, recruits, engages, and retains executive coaches for clients who then connect them to leaders in their organizations.

WorkingNation sat down with Nally at SHRM 2022 Annual Conference & Expo in New Orleans.

Nally says it’s important for the organization’s executive coaches to have credentials and certifications that help identify their skill level.

“The certification or credential tells us exactly what you’ve been trained in. Even if you have a college degree or don’t have one. Even if you’ve had lots of business experience or not much, it gives us an exact point of reference so that everyone across the globe is speaking the same language about the profession. And we know you’re keeping up with your skills.”

Nally continues, “Meaning follows us throughout our careers whether we start in not-for-profit and move to for-profit. Skill certificates, alternative credentialing, and unique ways of showing the rest of the world how we’ve moved from one type of leadership and one type of job to another – lets employers and the community know that we know what we’re talking about. We’re not just trainable, but we know how to manage ourselves through our own profession, through our own career changes.”Learn more about CoachSource.