Jill Wheeler on solutions to aging farming industry

WorkingNation interviews leaders in sustainability at the GreenBiz 20 Conference in Arizona as part of our #WorkingNationOverheard campaign.

Jill Wheeler is the head of sustainable productivity for global agricultural company North America Syngenta which provides data solutions for farmers all around the world.

Here she talks about the talent gap that threatens the aging farming industry over the next several decades and solutions for bringing the next generations into the fold. “The average age of farmers in America is mid- to upper-50s. So it’s going to be a lot of transition of land in the next several decades… One interesting thing we’re seeing in land is that in the digital age there are more tools to bring landowners and new farmers together.”

Jill grew up on a farm in Iowa and says she couldn’t wait to leave. After earning her degree in journalism and working for many years in corporate America in advertising and marketing, she realized she was still very passionate about farming. She eventually made her way to Syngenta where she fulfills her passion for keeping farmers and communities healthy.

Watch more clips from the event:

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