Joberto Casseus on the value he brings to an employer

A new campaign encourages employers to hire those Skilled Through Alternative Routes

A new campaign from Opportunity@Work and the Ad Council encourages companies to hire STARs, people Skilled Through Alternative Routes by eliminating the need for a college degree – tearing the paper ceiling.

STARs in this country number some 70 million people.

Joberto Casseus, a trainee with NPower, calls himself a STAR. “What makes me a STAR is I’m somebody that’s ambitious. I’m somebody that has a lot of work experience and I’m somebody that brings value to anywhere, any company that I’m at.”

Casseus explains, “I’m taking care of myself as a 22-year-old. My mom is in Haiti and my father is retired. So, I find myself in a position where I cannot pay for college all by myself. Yes, I am a student, but it’s because of grants and loans that I’ve taken out. I’m currently a junior but I don’t see myself finishing.”

He adds, “I have a long list of men in my life that have stepped up to guide me. What they’ve shown me is that a lot of them don’t have college degrees and they’re very successful. They take care of their families.”

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