The Consumer Electronics Show — or CES2020 — comes to a close today in Las Vegas. About 200,000 people spent the past four days checking out the coolest gadgets from companies showing off the consumer technology and products that they’re most excited about.

And while the robots didn’t appear to outnumber humans at the event, we spotted lots of “looming robots” across our Twitter feed.

Check out some of our favorites:

Hobot will clean your windows. 

Dr. Marcell Vollmer at #Celonis on Twitter

These #robots clean your windows for you! #CES2020 #CES via @DigitalTrends @pascal_bornet @HeinzVHoenen @Fabriziobustama @FrRonconi @mirko_ross @SpirosMargaris @sallyeaves @AkwyZ @YuHelenYu @chboursin #EmergingTech #Robotics #robot #innovation #DigitalTransformation #ML #4IR

This robot from Seattle start-up Picnic will make you a pizza. 

Charlie Jeffers on Twitter

Pizza making #robot arrives at #CES to feed hungry attendees, thanks to Seattle startup – GeekWire

The BellaBot from PuduTech is like a cat, but it waits tables too. 

Hans Solo on Twitter

Purrfect service: Table-waiting #robot #CAT unveiled at #CES 2020 that can carry plates of food, miaow at restaurant customers and respond when they stroke its ears Made by #Chinese firm PuduTech, the cat-themed automaton is called BellaBot

Samsung’s Bot Chef can take over cooking duties.

This robot can provide an extra set of hands at construction sites.

Jean-Baptiste Lefevre #CES2020 on Twitter

This #robot is made for construction sites ! #AI #Robotics #CES2020 @ipfconline1 @HaroldSinnott @Paula_Piccard @sebbourguignon @labordeolivier @andi_staub @SpirosMargaris @jeffkagan @RichSimmondsZA @mallys_ @chboursin @ChrisGeekWorld @Nicochan33 @diioannid @sallyeaves @ahier


Always wanting to be playing ping pong, but always looking for a partner? Check out this ping pong-playing robot from Omron

TechNuovo @ CES2020 on Twitter

Human VS Robot, who will win… #ces #ces2020 #robot #robotics #TableTennis #pingpong #skynet

Apparently, this robot puppy named Jennie from Tombot stole the show with her snoring. She’s actually a robot service animal, too.

Matthew Lieberman on Twitter

Although a gimmick at first, there are lots of possibilities to help people. Snoring #robot #puppy stole the stage at #CES:


And we’d be remiss without mentioning Charmin’s bear-faced toilet paper delivery robot…though we’re not exactly sure what to say. 

Fabrizio Bustamante on Twitter

Ever thought you’d have a bear-faced toilet #Robot zoom past your feet? By @CNET ⁣⁣⁣#CES #CES2020 #tech #robotics #AI #IoT #innovation #ArtificialIntelligence Cc: @sebbourguignon @Ym78200 @labordeolivier @kalydeoo @debraruh @JolaBurnett @jblefevre60 @mvollmer1 @KanezaDiane


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