We are facing the greatest period of economic change since the Industrial Revolution with advancements in technology adding new demands on the workforce. For decades, people have been told they need a college degree to be able to compete for the growth jobs with higher income. Now, that isn’t necessarily the case. There are millions of jobs that are going unfulfilled because the level of skilled workers needed to fill them is not there. Jobs that don’t need a 4-year degree, but can be filled by people who have the basic skills already but may need short-term training or an apprenticeship to give them the rest of the skills necessary to do the job. In a new program, the Markle Foundation’s Rework America is taking on the skills gap with its aptly-named initiative, Skillful. Skillful is helping to reshape the labor market by matching people of all ages without a college degree to employers in fast-growing industries that offer well-paying jobs, and to the educators who can help them acquire new skills to continually advance throughout their careers. The Markle Foundation is aiming to chart a new course into a skills-based labor market that provides value and dignity for all Americans. Watch the video above to learn more about a skills-based labor market and what you can do to get involved.