Myles Wallace on people with disabilities as an untapped talent pool

Industry leaders discuss business disability inclusion at the 2022 Disability:IN Conference

“We get a mixture of different people that come to Peak Performers [a staffing agency] for various reasons. Some of them will be seeking their very first job. Some of them might be reentering the workforce, say for example, after they’ve sustained an injury,” says Myles Wallace, strategic partnership specialist, Peak Performers.

WorkingNation sat down with Wallace at 2022 Disability:IN Conference in Dallas.

Wallace – who has a hearing impairment – notes that over the last year, the agency has place 1,400 people. Peak Performers and services job seekers nationwide.

He says employers are looking to hire people with disabilities. “A lot of companies have embraced this with open arms for a number of reasons. First, they themselves might have a disability or they may know somebody that has a disability – and they’ve known how much that can impact the work environment.”

Wallace continues, “A lot of people approach it from a good business sense. As we all know, we are in a hiring crisis where we just cannot find enough talent. And the reality of it is that people with disabilities experience an unemployment rate that is double that of the national average.”

“What we do is help companies tap into this hidden talent pool and really expand it. What you’ll find is not only are they capable of doing the job, but they oftentimes stick around much longer because they are that much more loyal a company.”

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