Niki DaSilva on helping employers understand their talent pipelines

Industry leaders discuss initiatives and ideas at SHRM 2022 Annual Conference & Expo – Cause the Effect

“Employers have the opportunity to really understand what data they have at their fingertips and the leadership role that they can play and being able to communicate back what their talent needs are to address the most critical workforce challenges in our communities,” says Niki DaSilva, director of programs and policy, Center for Education and Workforce at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

WorkingNation sat down with DaSilva at SHRM 2022 Annual Conference & Expo in New Orleans.

She explains one of the Foundation’s related initiatives, “Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) is really to help put employers in the driver’s seat within talent supply chains in communities across America.”

DaSilva says that TPM is a framework built on supply chain management principles that are broken into half a dozen strategies and one of the core objectives is a focus on critical skills and competencies that a worker might need. 

She notes, “There have been a lot of successes with TPM. All the praise and accolades go to our partners who are implementing this on the ground. We just get to teach them about the framework, but they’re the ones that are really bringing it to life.”

“We believe that TPM can be applied to really any industry or any set of challenges because it is an adaptive framework. It’s a way of thinking, a set of strategies that help employers and their partners really understand how to make decisions.”

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