Part 2: “Keeping America’s Promise” to veterans transitioning into the workforce

Watch the second episode taken from our Dallas Town Hall discussion on veteran employment airing on HIring America on March 3-4.
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The issue of connecting veterans to meaningful careers is so important that Hiring America and WorkingNation have dedicated two episodes to our panel discussions on solutions to veteran employment.

Episode 2 of WorkingNation’s town hall meeting “Keeping America’s Promise” aired March 3-4 on Hiring America — the only television show created and devoted to giving veterans transitioning to civilian life the tools, information, and direction to find meaningful job and careers.

WATCH: Part 1: “Keeping America’s Promise” to veterans transitioning into the workforce

The 30-minute special featured a panel discussion with some of America’s top corporate and veteran organization employment experts. The original event – capsulized in the TV show – was held in front of a live audience at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas, Texas. The program was seen on nearly 200 TV stations nationwide and the American Forces Network.

“The Town Hall meeting was an incredible exchange of ideas and meaningful, impactful dialogue,” said Art Bilger, Founder and CEO of WorkingNation. “It proved to be a great way of sharing insights on how we can best deliver on the promise of a good life/good career and job for those who have served in the military. I’m thrilled we can share this with millions of TV viewers.”

Panelists included Texas Workforce Commissioner Ruth Hughs, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Spokesperson Maria Terry, 7-Eleven’s Vice President of Franchise Systems Larry Hughes, AT&T’s Vice President of Talent Acquisition Jason Oliver, and Society for Human Resources Management’s Social Media Director Andrew Morton.

Texas Workforce Commissioner Ruth Hughs summarized during the panel how her state is improving the visibility of veteran hiring through its “We Hire Vets” program.

Corporate leaders, such as 7-Eleven’s Hughes, also discussed how the leadership skills of veterans have a direct correlation in the civilian workforce. These skills, Hughes said, are adding value to 7-Eleven and making the company stronger.

The Part 2 special will also feature a video documentary produced by WorkingNation that follows retired U.S. Navy sailor Evelyn Scott as she transitions into civilian life and was awarded a 7-Eleven franchise of her own by the company.

The documentary, part of WorkingNation’s Do Something Awesome series, shows how both corporations and veterans can benefit from programs that assist veterans in transferring their military skills into civilian occupations.

“Hiring America is very proud to be airing this show,” related Bill Deutch, creator and executive producer of Hiring America. “We think our viewers will find it very engaging and insightful.”

The town hall meeting was made possible by generous funding from the Eastwood Charitable Fund.

The first episode of Keeping America’s Promise aired on Hiring America in December 2017. You can watch the episode in full below.

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