Rusty Greiff on the alignment between learning institutions and employers

Thought leaders sit down with WorkingNation Overheard at the Milken Institute Global Conference 2022

There is a lot of the focus around innovation in the postsecondary space, especially regarding its alignment with employers, according to Rusty Greiff, chief strategy and growth officer, Jobs for the Future – JFF.

WorkingNation sat down with Greiff at the Milken Institute Global Conference 2022 in Beverly Hills.

Greiff says community colleges and four-year universities are intentionally establishing collaborative connections with employers.

He says an important part of the conversation is access to opportunity. “How are we creating platforms of learning that really meet learners at their different stages especially around with inequity lens? How are we focusing on Black, Latino learners and workers at different phases of the continuum of learning in their careers?”

Greiff continues, “How do we provide better tools, greater transparency around how they navigate different options in learning? Four-year schools, credentials, certificates, boot camps. Those things have come up a lot as there’s been an explosion of new offerings.”

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