HireSTARsChat December 14

Save the date for our next Twitter chat

Join us December 14 at 2 p.m. ET for the rescheduled #HireSTARsChat
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WorkingNation is a proud partner with [email protected], The Ad Council, and dozens of corporations and nonprofits on the Tear the Paper Ceiling campaign designed to raise awareness of the value STARs – workers skilled through alternative routes – bring to the workplace. 

There are 70+ million STARs in the workforce. These are talented employees and job seekers who don’t have four-year college degrees, but have learned their skills through work experience, military service, certifications, and some community college. 

In many cases, the lack of that degree is a paper ceiling preventing them from getting hired or being promoted for good-paying jobs.

So, how do we break through that barrier to economic mobility? Let’s talk about it!

Gather with us on Twitter to brainstorm solutions and share your success stories, whether you are an employer who has figured out how to give STARs the opportunity they deserve or you are a STAR yourself.

Wednesday, Dec. 14, from 2 to 3 p.m. ET at the Twitter hashtag #HireSTARsChat

Let us know you’ll be there. Register for the conversation at https://bit.ly/3QEPEmv to get early access to a special toolkit before the chat. 

It will include the questions (allowing you to prepare your answers in advance) and details on how to participate (so you will know how best to present your ideas during the chat).

Let’s talk about why employers are sometimes hesitant to consider job seekers
without a bachelor’s degree.

Let’s talk about the impact this has on STARs as they seek
a career pathway to a family-sustaining job.

Let’s talk about how STARs have the talent to fill jobs in in-demand industries
and broaden the diversity in a business.

We need to change the narrative around STARs to  encourage organizations to hire and promote based upon skills, not just degrees – so let’s talk about it!

Save the date and time and be a part of the conversation!

Once again: the chat will take place on Twitter at 2 p.m. ET, Dec. 14, at the hashtag #HireSTARsChat – and you can let us know you will be there at https://bit.ly/3QEPEmv. We’ll send you the questions ahead of time and share tips on how to make the most of the conversation.

Here are some of @WorkingNation’s past Twitter chats in digest form, so you can get a sense of what one of these conversations looks like: #TalkAboutWork, #GreenJobsNow, #MilitaryWorkforce.

Learn more about the Tear the Paper Ceiling campaign at https://www.tearthepaperceiling.org/, or by following the hashtags #HireSTARs and #TearthePaperCeiling on social media.

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