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The winners and losers of globalization

We hear a lot about how companies are closing plants and sending jobs overseas where workers toil longer and harder for less pay. But...

A guide to the emerging educational revolution for adult learners

In today’s employment climate there's an abundance of stories about the increasing importance of lifelong learning when it comes to the future of work....

Is college the right, or only, path to a good-paying job?

For more than a decade, the question has been raised in blaring headline after blaring headline: Are College Degrees Becoming Obsolete? Given the current...

Manufacturing credentials missing the mark as employers value experience

Industry-recognized credentials can be a valuable addition for many job seekers' resumes and can signal to an employer a worker's skill set. However, their...

Credential Engine: More than 330K credentials exist in U.S.

Credential Engine was founded to help people navigate the dizzying world of credentials. A new report gives us an idea of just how big...