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Tag: Emotions

The CEO as Chief Empathy Officer: Why empathy matters

There is a classic story about how GE designer Doug Dietz discovered that an MRI to be used with children was terrifying them so...

Feel like blowing your stack? Put a sock in it!

How often do you lose your cool and start yelling at people? And when you’re through, feel embarrassed, ashamed, apologize... only to have it...

How CEOs can pitch calmness and control to their employees

Dr. Mark Goulston continues his featured series on advice for C-suite members. Dr. Goulston is an award-winning business psychiatrist, consultant for Fortune 500 companies and the...

On dealing with the shame of unemployment

WorkingNation welcomes Mick Kubiak, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist as our featured writer for September. Kubiak specializes in parent counseling and life coaching....

Mick Kubiak on the emotional impact of joblessness

WorkingNation is proud to introduce our featured writer for September, Mick Kubiak, a Los Angeles-based Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is the founder of...