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Tag: Paul Irving

WorkingNation Overheard at Milken Global Conference 2019

WorkingNation was on the ground at Milken Global Conference 2019 where some of the most powerful people in business, government, healthcare, and entertainment have...

Finding purpose and happiness in the future of work

Technology is a double-edged sword, particularly in the workplace. We’re shifting away from labor-intensive industrial jobs toward knowledge-based, highly-skilled jobs. Innovation and evolution in...

The nature of work is changing: Are you ready?

In 60 percent of all occupations, about a third of the tasks could be automated right now, according to a recent McKinsey study. This...

Adaptability needs to replace fear in the future of work

"Population aging — the impacts of it, this combination of increasingly long lives (longevity) and declining birth rates — is really going to change...