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Tags U.S. Manufacturing

Tag: U.S. Manufacturing

In-demand jobs pushing U.S. employment higher

Like last month, manufacturing and health care employment was solid as the nation continued its impressive run of 94 straight months of job growth....

The drive to succeed: Education meets demand for modern automotive technicians

Wisconsin still prides itself on its automotive manufacturing lifeblood which courses along Interstate 94 between Milwaukee and Chicago. Right in the middle is Kenosha...

America is still a leader in aerospace manufacturing

The numbers for American manufacturing might look grim, but the U.S. can count one sector as a strength, aerospace manufacturing. The industry is still a...

Walmart lays out “roadmap” to reshore U.S. manufacturing jobs

America's largest retailer, Walmart, says that the United States could miss out on nearly $300 billion in increased domestic manufacturing spending if steps are...