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Tag: work-based learning

College Alternatives: The disruption in higher education is here

Sure, college is fun and the inspiration for a genre of brick-and-ivy-based comedies like Animal House. But then comes the bill, the low-wage entry-level...

Watch our Work-Based Learning Town Hall’s highlights and insights

A trend that is beginning to define the future of skills training is the rise of work-based learning opportunities. Whatever form they take —...

New CompTIA think tank to foster a ‘tech talent revolution’

The tech workforce pipeline is more than a computer science degree and a job with a Silicon Valley tech giant. Getting high school students...

Work-Based Learning: A WorkingNation Town Hall

While the job market continues to churn, workers and employers struggle to match people, skills and jobs. Work-related mentoring, co-ops, internships and apprenticeships are becoming a...