The employment issues have accelerated, but there are solutions

WorkingNation founder and CEO Art Bilger on The Caring Economy podcast

WorkingNation founder and CEO Art Bilger is this week’s guest on The Caring Economy podcast hosted by Toby Usnik.

Art Bilger headshot
Art Bilger, Founder & CEO, WorkingNation

Bilger started WorkingNation, a nonprofit media company, in 2016 to bring attention to structural unemployment issues, the future of work, the skills gap, and, importantly, achievable solutions.

Structural unemployment is job loss resulting from industrial reorganization, typically due to technological change, rather than fluctuations in supply or demand. These tech changes, combined with globalization and an aging workforce, are changing the way we all do our jobs. Now, the global health pandemic has created an employment crisis.

Toby Usnik, Host, The Caring Economy podcast

“It is one of the most critical issue we face. This employment issues have been accelerated (by COVID-19), but I still believe there are solutions. We must educate people about where the jobs are and how to attain the set of skills you need for the jobs of the future,” Bilger tells Usnik.

Listen to The Caring Economy for more about how WorkingNation is working to share stories about solutions to current and future unemployment issues, and more on Bilger’s career as an investor, banker, and business leader.