The pandemic exposed cracks in our workforce development ecosystem

A conversation with Josh Davies, CEO, Center for Work Ethic Development

There’s a lot of discussion around the challenges workers and jobseekers are going to face in 2021 as we navigate a jobs recovery that lifts up everyone.

So many questions: Do workers have the skills they need for the jobs that will be coming back? Are workers getting the training they need to compete for those jobs? Who is responsible for that training-employers or workers themselves? How do we make certain that the education and hiring doesn’t leave any group of jobseekers behind?

We don’t have all the answers. No one does. But we definitely need to be talking about this.

Last month, during the Pasadena City College 2020 Future of Work Virtual Conference—which I co-hosted with Salvatrice Cummo, executive director of PCC EWD—we saw a presentation on the state and future of the workforce from Josh Davies, the CEO of the Center for Work Ethic Development.

I thought it was pretty comprehensive, so I asked Davies to be the guest on this, my final podcast of 2020, to discuss the presentation. I think you’ll find it does a good job of summing up where we are and what we need to be doing moving forward.

You can listen to the podcast here, or download it wherever you get your podcasts.

You can also watch the 2020: Foresight, Not Hindsight presentation for yourself.

Thanks for listening in 2020. See you back here on January 4, 2021, with a brand new podcast.

Download the transcript for this podcast here.

Episode 161: Josh Davies, CEO, Center for Work Ethic Development
Host: Ramona Schindelheim, Editor-in-Chief, WorkingNation
Producer: Larry Buhl
Executive Producers: Joan Lynch, Melissa Panzer, and Ramona Schindelheim
Music: Composed by Lee Rosevere and licensed under CC by 4.0.

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