Dustin Jones headshot
Dustin Jones
Associate Producer

Dustin Jones, Associate Producer, is working on WorkingNation’s special veterans content for the month of November. Dustin is a Marine Corps veteran, having served as a sniper in Iraq and Afghanistan. After leaving the military in 2011, he attended the University of Colorado in Boulder, where he studied journalism and worked as the news manager for a local newspaper in West Yellowstone, Montana. Dustin recently received his master’s degree from Columbia University where he studied documentary journalism. He is in the final phases of completing his first documentary, Back from the Brink, which focuses on veteran suicide and PTSD. Although Dustin was born and raised in New Hampshire, he has lived all over the country. 

First Job: Marine Corps infantry. “A lot of skills I acquired in the Marine Corps have carried over to journalism, like attention to detail, perseverance and problem solving. After four years in the Marine Corps, I feel like I can tackle anything I set my mind to.”

Side Note: “My dog is named after Patrick Swayze, because nobody puts Baby in a corner.”