Laura Aka
Senior Editorial Producer

Laura Aka, Senior Editorial Producer, helps oversee the editorial content for WorkingNation. Laura is an experienced journalist and television producer whose work has appeared on CBS, NBC, Fox, Lifetime, the History Channel, HGTV, and A&E. She has a deep interest in nonprofit programs that create opportunities for underserved communities. Laura has directed a children’s visual arts program that focused on bringing the arts to low-income kids. Most recently, she served as Director of Outreach for Streetlights, a training program that provides opportunities for young adults of color to find behind-the-camera work in the entertainment industry.

First Job:  Working in the shoe department of a small women’s clothing store at 16. “Having to directly handle customers’ feet in order for them to try on the shoes taught me, not just customer service, but diplomacy. I never let on that I found that part of the job pretty awful.”

Side Note:  “As a toddler, I ended up coloring all over my bedroom walls when I was supposed to be napping.  Instead of being reprimanded, my parents said it was okay as long as I contained it to my room only. I think being allowed that freedom was the beginning of some real creative thinking. So, thanks Mom and Dad.”

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