Anne Neuberger on the value of certifications in cybersecurity

By WorkingNation Editorial Team
September 25, 2019

Anne Neuberger, director of Cybersecurity Directorate at NSA, discusses the value of acquiring skills and alternative certifications for the cybersecurity field at the Milken Global Conference 2019.

“For people who, college is not the right path or, frankly, don’t want to invest the time or money and want to directly enter the job market, there’s a lot of ways to acquire the skills and then show you have the skills which employers value,” she tells us.

Anne also spoke with us about the kinds of skills needed in cybersecurity, the different aspects of the cybersecurity field, and how women innate skills can be a natural fit for the various roles in the industry. Watch below.

Watch more of what Anne had to say here.

WorkingNation was on the ground at Milken Global Conference 2019 where some of the most powerful people in business, government, healthcare, and entertainment have gathered to discuss and debate how the world is being disrupted by economic and social change and what to do about it. The goal of the talk at the conference is how to drive shared prosperity.

While there, we documented all things future of work on Twitter at #WorkingNationOverheard and in interviews at our pop-up studio (watch our playlist below).

Read our article on the event here.

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