Peter Smith discusses access to higher education

Peter Smith, author of "Free Range Learning in the Digital Age" on what society misses by not giving people access to higher education.

Peter Smith, on what society misses by not giving people access to higher education.

Peter is the author of “Free Range Learning in the Digital Age” and his career in higher education includes serving as founding president of both California State University Monterey Bay and the Community College of Vermont.

In 2007, Peter joined Kaplan University as a senior vice president for academic strategies and development and more recently served as founding president of Open College at Kaplan University. In that role, he used no-cost Open Educational Resources to support learners who work toward a competency-based degree in Professional Studies. 

Peter also served his home state of Vermont as a state senator (1980-82) and as Lt. Governor (1982-86). He ran successfully for the U.S. House of Representatives as Congressman-at-Large from Vermont and served from 1989-1990. 

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