Revived economy drives unemployment for less educated to record low

“Employers are recognizing that learning by working is just as effective as a degree or certificate.” - Jane Oates
March 7, 2022

Pennsylvania offers a window into green jobs opportunities

WorkingNation and Emsi Burning Glass kick off new national series with a look at green jobs in Pennsylvania
January 28, 2022

Private companies are 'critical' in fixing skills gap, unemployment woes

“Even once COVID settles down and, as a nation, we're able to leave our homes and go back to work, I do think the skills gap is going to be magnified dramatically.” – Art Bilger
January 24, 2022

5 reasons older workers aren't getting hired

Next Avenue asked Ramona Schindelheim to write about the complicated jobs future older workers are now facing
December 6, 2021

The government dramatically underestimated job growth this summer

The hiring frenzy left some employers too busy to report their new hires to the Labor Department on time, says Jane Oates
November 16, 2021

The special challenges to working mothers brought on by the pandemic

The kids are home. Day care is suspended. How can a working mom cope, and how can she re-engage once the pandemic has passed? An interview with Melissa Panzer
August 5, 2021

Op-ed: There’s another reason for the labor shortage

CNBC invited Art Bilger to explain why employers have problems finding the workers with the skills they need for high-paying jobs
July 21, 2021

Map to the Middle: Indianapolis’ explores Indy’s changing workforce

Local TV news special airs based on our original reporting on the city’s efforts to keep its middle class alive
June 27, 2021

WorkingNation’s mission breaks the stigma of unemployment, helps people find purpose

Read about the origins and ongoing mission of WorkingNation in this interview with two of our leaders, Joan Lynch and Ramona Schindelheim
May 7, 2021