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The coming fall crisis

Some jobs are coming back, but economy will need years to heal

CBO sees double-digit jobless rate through 2020, GDP to shrink 5.9%

Reopening America: Three ways to preserve jobs

Fed officials raised concerns in June that U.S. could enter a much worse recession later this year if COVID-19 cases continued to surge

U.S. daily COVID-19 case count crosses 50,000

48M Americans filed jobless claims in 15 weeks

The U.S. economy added 4.8 million jobs in June, but fierce new headwinds have emerged

Microsoft pledges to upskill 25 million workers for the ‘COVID-19 economy’

Work-hungry students get creative during summer of COVID

Travelers hiring 500 tech specialists to support modernization effort

How remote work risks a new digital jobs divide for minorities

Report lays out how community colleges could save economy

IA apprenticeship program touted as career launching point

ADP says U.S. firms add 2.37 million jobs, fewer than forecast

San Francisco Fed’s Mary Daly sees 4-5 year recovery in best-case scenario

Workers are getting laid off for a second time, as the virus’s surge puts reopenings on hold

How to make a career pandemic-proof

Powell warns of extraordinary uncertainty, urgency to curb virus

Goldman Sachs says a national mask mandate could slash infections and save economy from a 5% hit