WorkingNation Overheard

“We’re giving you insider access to major conferences on the future of work.”
- Ramona Schindelheim, WorkingNation Editor-in-Chief

WorkingNation partnered with the SHRM Foundation to take you inside the SHRM Conference and Expo 22 in New Orleans, attended by more than 15,000 hiring professionals and employers. This year, there were more than 200 sessions over five days, both in person and virtually. Throughout the conference, attendees explored the latest ideas that are changing the workplace landscape, connected with fellow professionals, and learned about resources that could help them achieve their hiring goals, benefiting workers and employers alike. As partners, we’re sharing some of what we’ve observed through interviews for our WorkingNation Overheard series.

Over the years, the annual JFF Horizons summit has become a rich environment to hear from those passionate about radical new solutions to address the intertwined economic, racial, and public health challenges facing our country. Many of these issues are directly connected to employment, which makes this event a perfect place for WorkingNation to hear from people in the public, private, and nonprofit worlds who gather to share ideas. In past years WorkingNation has participated in panels, as well as partnered with JFF to capture interviews with these dynamic visionaries for WorkingNation Overheard.

WorkingNation is proud to have been a Collaborating Partner to the ASU+GSV Summit for the past four years. The annual conference brings together leading minds from around the world to discuss how to transform society and business around learning and work. Our partnership is based on a shared belief that all people should have equal access to a bright future. Together, we have developed panels that examine the most developments in the way we work and pathways to good careers. WorkingNation also conducts interviews with conference speakers and shares what we’ve learned with our audience in our social media series, WorkingNation Overheard

SXSW EDU is an annual four-day conference held each March in Austin, fostering innovation and learning within the education industry. The event offers compelling sessions, in-depth workshops, and engaging learning experiences. WorkingNation is honored to be a media partner with SXSW EDU, amplifying the idea that education has the power to inspire, elevate, and change the future, including shaping pathways to in-demand careers. Here is some of what we learned in our WorkingNation Overheard conversations with thought leaders at the event.

Each year, the Milken Institute Global Conference brings together thousands of high-profile thought leaders in business, technology, government, philanthropy, health care, and media from more than 60 nations to share their insights into solving the world’s most critical economic and social challenges. The American workforce and the changing nature of work is central to many of the conversations at the event, which makes the MIGC a perfect match for WorkingNation’s mission. Since 2017, WorkingNation has been a part of the discussions, participating in panels and interviewing these leaders about the solutions they are considering and implementing for our WorkingNation Overheard series.

The annual Warrior Community Integration Symposium brings together hundreds of veteran-serving organizations to discuss issues facing our military-connected individuals and families. At the heart of the event, produced by America’s Warrior Partnership, is how to better identify and translate veterans skills into language employers can understand, resulting in better job opportunities for these groups. This is why we have been proud to attend and interview the passionate folks who are rolling up their sleeves and working to create solutions for our WorkingNation Overheard series. Our veterans and their spouses continue to be a valuable untapped talent pool for employers.

The GreenBiz conference is an annual event for business leaders focused on the environment and sustainability. Attended by over a thousand professionals, the sessions and panels identify unique solutions and themes that often connect back to employment, and specifically green jobs. WorkingNation’s series Green Jobs Now shares the same focus to find the businesses, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders who can help create a healthier environment while opening employment opportunities for millions of Americans in the next decade. Here are conversations from our WorkingNation Overheard series.