Matt Horton

Director, Milken Institute Center for Regional Economics & California Center

Matt Horton, Advisory Board, interacts with government officials, business leaders, and other key stakeholders in directing statewide programming and policy initiatives while implementing the Center’s strategic plan.

He also analyzes policy developments at the local, state and federal levels while monitoring national and global trends for potential impacts throughout the regional economic landscape. Horton works to enhance the center’s impact through its efforts to identify, promote, and scale best practices in public policy.

Matt’s programmatic work at the Institute is focused on identifying a variety of financial tools, policies and collaborative models that leaders can deploy in order to increase investments toward education, community development and in other areas supporting human capital. Matt looks for establish best practices and conducts research that can inform effective governance practices and position leaders to explore place-based economic development through increases in housing supply, supporting high-quality job growth while prioritizing improvements throughout the built environment. Recently, he has written on how the opportunity zone tax incentive can help build a more inclusive economy.