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Opportunity Near You: Rural health care, reskilling for displaced workers, and opportunities for a migrant population

Take a look at our latest findings on job and training offerings

It’s the start of the new year – and we continue to look for job pathways around the country. Check out what’s going in the following five states.

From Georgia: Albany Herald reports a care management organization is partnering with Georgia Southern University to offer education and training for health care professionals needed in rural areas.

From Idaho: KTVB reports the College of Western Idaho is using grant funding to expand its programming to train students to work in semiconductor manufacturing.

From Michigan: FOX 17 reports the Michigan Workforce Development Institute is creating more accessibility to skilled trade jobs.

From New York: Spectrum News 1 reports almost 40,000 jobs are available to migrants in each region of the state including in health care, manufacturing, retail, food service, construction, and janitorial industries.

From North Carolina: The Mountaineer reports an on-the-job training program covers the salaries of workers while they learn new skills, a new trade, or a new occupation — following the closure of the Canton paper mill.

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