CES 2024: AI’s impact on learning and work

Kristina Francis, executive director of JFFLabs, joined WorkingNation at CES 2024 to share her thoughts on the growing impact of AI

AI has the benefit of being able to “unlock human potential,” says Kristina Francis, executive director of JFFLabs. She encourages people who are afraid of changing technology to learn it, noting that it’s here to stay and lifechanging. “We are really looking at understanding how AI is going to transform workforce education and learning.”

Francis joined WorkingNation’s editor-in-chief Ramona Schindelheim for WorkingNation Overheard at CES 2024 in Las Vegas to share her thoughts on the ongoing impact of artificial intelligence.

“In particular, we’re looking at mostly adult learning, but we’re also seeing the convergence and the change of how students that are in young years – K through 12 – are actually acquiring skills and how that may transform their ability to think about the jobs for the future, the skills for the future, the occupations of the future.”

Francis continues, “Imagine bringing all your senses into learning. It’s not only seeing and hearing a professor, it’s seeing the pictures, the colors, the people feeling differently, and understanding how that impacts you as an individual. I think for some children and some learners, it’s what is the imagination and the possibility [of] the benefit of AI.”

Regarding JFFLabs, she says, “Our work is focused on insights and incubation. One of the first things that we’re doing is just understanding what’s out there. How many people are actually using training for AI? What are they learning? How are they introducing themselves, not only to the concept and the mindset, but the skillsets of AI.

“We’re looking at what jobs may change, may be automated, may be complemented by or elevated by AI. We’re also looking at what are the uniquely human skills that people are going to need for the future.”

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