CES 2024: How tech can grow the option to in-home farm

Scott Massey, founder and CEO of anu joined WorkingNation at CES 2024 to share his thoughts on using technology to change the way we get our produce

People will have the ability to use the technology of seed pods to grow produce in their own homes, according to Scott Massey, founder and CEO, anu.

Massey joined WorkingNation’s editor-in-chief Ramona Schindelheim for WorkingNation Overheard at CES 2024 in Las Vegas to share her thoughts on how technology .

About the option to grow food at home, Massey says, “[The] point of attacking problems, something that really concerns us is inadequate nutrition, food deserts plaguing our nation and beyond.

“These are challenges that have profound impacts on society, but there’s also solutions that now exist. We aim to be that solution-provider by empowering individuals and communities to grow their own vegetables.”

Massey compares indoor farming technology to the development of refrigeration some generations ago. “We got ice once a year because we were climate dependent. We waited for ice to freeze until the advent of refrigeration.”

He continues, “With recent advancements in LEDs, cloud computing, a lot of the critical technologies needed to support indoor farming at scales, we’ve seen this proliferation of vertical farms.

“But I am of the opinion that the technology will continue to support the individual and the household family by giving them the ability to produce their own food. And have the same profound impact that the ice industry experienced from the refrigeration model by eliminating these very energy and greenhouse gas-emitting supply chains by truly putting that point of consumption right at the point of production.”

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