Emily Wattman-Turner on breaking barriers via flexible educational options

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Emily Wattman-Turner is co-founder and chief growth officer at Kenzie Academy. Kenzie offers on-campus or online programs for 6-to-12 months. Using an income share agreement, the students pay very little tuition upfront and do not begin paying back until they are earning $40,000 or more.

Wattman-Turner says she sees great amounts of resiliency and determination in Kenzie students. She says, “We really believe that education pathways should be flexible and easy to navigate for learners. Every single day, we’re thinking about what barriers exist for our learners and what can we do to remove those barriers. We are really proud of being able to create a diverse talent pipeline for employers all across the country.”

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Learn more about Kenzie Academy: https://www.kenzie.academy/
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