Jeff Maggioncalda on industry microcredentials

Thought leaders share ideas with WorkingNation Overheard at JFF Horizons 2023

Based on his company’s coursework offerings, Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO, Coursera, says there is a jump in the demand for tech microcredentials.

WorkingNation sat down with Maggioncalda at JFF Horizons in New Orleans.

 He explains that Coursera is working with consumers, universities, and government entities. “One of our marquee states is New York where the Department of Labor is doing workforce development programs in conjunction with the businesses in each region of New York. They’re tailoring which courses and which professional certificates are going to be curated for different regions where the job opportunities are.”

Maggioncalda explains that Coursera retained McKinsey to do a study on gateway careers. “We said, ‘Hey, can you personalize that with respect to these industry microcredentials? Where are the highest demand jobs that are attainable without a college degree or prior work experience?’ Then we approached industry and said, ‘We would like you to work with us to build a 50-to-100-hour credential program based on the job task analysis of that role.”

“What you end up with is a group today of about 35 certificates with job roles that are in high demand, that don’t require college degree, don’t require any prior work experience.”

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