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Opportunity Near You: Career pathways for young students

Access to free learning for high schoolers in Idaho and Indiana

WorkingNation’s latest workforce finds are in Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, and Massachusetts. In addition to opportunities for high school kids, we highlight pathways in security and energy. Take a look.

From Idaho: Idaho News 6 reports the Idaho LAUNCH program provides graduating high schoolers a one-time opportunity to have a large portion of their tuition fees covered – to further their educations.

From Indiana: The 74 reports a state scholarship program will allow high school students to pick training pathways.

From Louisiana: Pelican Post News reports the Louisiana Community and Technical College System has received $227M in federal and state funds to support the state’s energy transition – including training and job creation.

From Maryland: Security Systems News reports the Security Industry Association is expanding its outreach to Native American and indigenous communities, including greater access to training, scholarship, and mentorship opportunities.

From Massachusetts: Fox Business reports the state is eliminating the requirement for a college degree for more than 90% of its job postings – with more emphasis on skills-based experience.

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