Pay attention: Jobs are changing

WorkingNation Founder & CEO Art Bilger speaks with Larry Marino, host of Sunday Morning Newsmakers on AM 870 The Answer, about technology's impact on the future of work.

“The slope of the curve in the change of jobs and skills, when measured against time, has never been so steep,” Art Bilger, WorkingNation Founder and CEO, told Larry Marino on Sunday Morning Newsmakers.

Bilger spoke with Marino on AM 870 The Answer’s show on May 12 about how technology will radically change the job market, where the new jobs will be, how people can reskill, the debate surrounding Universal Basic Income, and work and fulfilling one’s purpose in life.

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WorkingNation was founded in 2016 by Art Bilger as a response to the looming unemployment crisis brought on by rapid technological change.
WorkingNation Founder & CEO Art Bilger. Photo – Mayer Chalom

Bilger explained how he has had his finger on the pulse of these issues for a while now. His connections and investments in media, new technologies, and the early stages of online education companies culminated in a “eureka moment” at a dinner five years ago with fund managers and corporate executives. It was then he knew he needed to create WorkingNation to educate people on the issues and solutions surrounding the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Since its founding in 2016, WorkingNation has been hot on the trail of the future of work issue. Bilger shared some of what we’ve learned, so far, with Marino in the interview below.

And if you want to learn more about that “slope of the curve” reference above, check out our animated short, “Slope of the Curve,” below.

Slope of the Curve | WorkingNation

This animated short directed by two-time Academy Award-winning director Marshall Curry and narrated by “Black-ish” star Anthony Anderson sounds the alarm on …

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