The simple truth about the future of work

What is WorkingNation? Let us tell you about our mission.

The Simple Truth

The future of work and employment is changing, much faster than we ever could have predicted. The pace of change in job-related skills has never been more dramatic. The impact will be felt across all of our society. And we have never before had to re-educate and retrain much of the middle age and older workforce like we do now.

The Reason

The reason for this widespread economic pain? Structural unemployment, which is defined as “unemployment resulting from industrial reorganization, typically due to technological change, rather than fluctuations in supply or demand.” In other words, as automation and robotics replace people in the workforce, a large sector of our population will rapidly become unemployed.

The Causes

What is causing structural unemployment to proliferate our workforce so quickly? The following four key factors coming together like never before:

  • Globalization
  • Technology
  • Longevity
  • An education system not structured to meet future job-related needs

The Solution

In order to achieve a sustainable, globally competitive economy that provides good jobs and wages for Americans, business, labor, local government leaders, education leaders and citizens must mobilize.

WorkingNation: Powerful Voices and Storytelling

In 2016, WorkingNation was formed with one mission – to raise and elevate awareness, finding and sharing solutions to this structural unemployment crisis that is facing our country.

To accomplish this crucial goal, WorkingNation illuminates the heartfelt and human stories that capture this distress and resolve. We organize town halls, publish important news, information and advice, and we produce moving documentaries.

WorkingNation brings powerful voices together to reveal the real people and organizations attacking this issue in their communities. We are working to build consensus and collaboration between business leaders, the academic community and the American public. Our hope is to expose hard truths through our storytelling about this unemployment emergency, in order to create and amplify the right response.

You Can Spread Our Message

Time is running out – we all have to do something to make this shift. Please lend your voice and get involved now. You can spread our message and join the conversation about the future of work on our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter.