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Tag: Aging Workforce

Will the U.S. run out of workers?

On its face, the question seems silly. In an uncertain economy, how could the U.S. run out of workers? But if we take a...

We’re living longer and working longer

The economy is changing. Rapidly-accelerating innovation in technology is eliminating some jobs and creating new ones. We’re seeing the workforce shifting toward knowledge-based, highly-skilled...

Adaptability needs to replace fear in the future of work

"Population aging — the impacts of it, this combination of increasingly long lives (longevity) and declining birth rates — is really going to change...

Companies lose out when employees’ caregiving burdens increase

American workers must make the most out of their situation when life happens while performing at an optimum level. That's the corporate ideal, but...

Wages finally show signs of life in biggest jump since 2009

Americans may finally see the benefits of a shrinking labor pool as wages rose at its fastest rate in nine years. It is more positive...