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Tag: Job Training

How Adults Can Learn Better and Master the Skills for Success

The reality of today's economy is that it is transforming from an industrial economy to a digital economy, and it is happening at an accelerated rate. Right now,...

Silicon Holler: How Tech Training Is Bringing Jobs to Appalachia

Eastern Kentucky may be 2,500 miles from Silicon Valley, but this region of Appalachia is working hard to transform its workforce for today's digital economy. Dubbed “Silicon Holler,” the...

Women at Work: Organization Helps Bridge the Gap

"There's a solution to the equal-pay problem: getting female workers into well-paying jobs in construction and engineering. All it takes is the right kind...

Bill Maher’s Question of Retraining Coal Miners Has an Answer

So far, President Donald Trump has made jobs the main focus of his first weeks in office. He has taken economic steps to preserve...

Church’s Job Networking Ministry Turning Jobless Into Employment Believers

Linking God with LinkedIn: Empowering the Unemployed with Training and Faith

Code of Honor: A Veteran’s High-Tech Career Change

Lieutenant Christopher Billiau was 5 months and 19 days from having his retirement and pension secured when he “involuntarily separated” from the military—code for being fired—in...