WorkingNation’s look at shortage of cybersecurity experts featured on PBS SciTech Now

Part of our WorkingNation mission is to help identify where the jobs of the future will be as rapid changes in technology continue to disrupt businesses and the workforce.

Our fourth town hall event, Cracking the Code: Closing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap, which was held last year at the Bloomberg Center at Cornell Tech on New York’s Roosevelt Island, looked at the shortage of cybersecurity workers. It’s now the subject of the current episode of the PBS program SciTech Now. WorkingNation President Jane Oates joins anchor Hari Sreenivasan to discuss the talent gap in one of the fastest-growing sectors in Information Technology.

Moderated by CNBC & MSNBC contributor Ron Insana, the event gathered experts representing the academic, corporate and nonprofit sectors.

Exact broadcast times will vary by city, so please check your local listings or the show’s website for exact air times.

If you are unable to catch one of the airings, it will be posted on the SciTech Now website for future on-demand viewing. And you can find the entire town hall and selected highlights at 

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